Awkward Girl Games

girlsFirst let me say that I appreciate the miracle of breastfeeding.

I support women who do it publicly (not in a creepy way) and give my wife the admiration she deserves for making that choice for our children–and even model it for our older girls in the hopes that, should they decide to be moms later in life (much much later), they will embrace the practice too.

So I shouldn’t have been as alarmed when my daughter and her friend began playing make-believe in the car on the way home from some church meetings. Continue reading


Does Lazy Make Crazy?

my-blooming-beardA couple years ago I picked up the book Emotional Vampires: Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry, 
by Albert Bernstein as an introduction to learning about personality disorders.

The book is well written, entertaining and its made me curious.

I have this thought that people in our churches–especially “problem people”–are not only drawn to certain beliefs but create certain beliefs based on personality.

For example, one of the “emotional vampires” discussed in the book is the Obsessive Compulsive Personality. The author suggests that these people have an acute sense of their tendency towards violence, sex, selfishness etc [feelings we all have].

They feel chaotic inside and so they compensate by having rigid rules to keep themselves in order.

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